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Arthur B. Sackler

Mr. Sackler is the principal of Sackler Policy Services, LLC, a full-service public policy firm.  From that position, among others, he serves as Executive Director of the National Postal Policy Council, an organization of large users of First Class mail, and Executive Director of the Interactive Travel Services Association, the organization for online travel companies and global distribution systems, and Coordinator of the Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service.  He is also a Senior Consultant on Governmental Affairs to the Kellen Company, an association management firm, with more than 100 associations under management, and offices in Brussels and Beijing, as well as in the U.S.

He has been a Senior Consultant to the International Intellectual Property Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting developing countries protect intellectual property (IP), as well as General Counsel to the developmental Digital Honesty Campaign, an effort intended to educate the public, and especially young people, about the ethics of accessing and using copyrighted works online.

Prior to founding his own firm, he was Vice President, Law and Public Policy of Time Warner Inc.  In this position, he was responsible for managing a variety of public policy issues of concern to Time Warner (TW), including those related to IP, trade, marketing and distribution, privacy and electronic commerce generally.

Among other things, he served on the U.S. Government's Industry Sector Advisory Committee on Services, was a manager of IP issues in the Transatlantic Business Dialogue, and served on the Coordinating Committee of the Online Privacy Alliance.  He was the principal staff person for TW's then-CEO, Jerry Levin, in his role as a founder and co-chair of the Global Business Dialogue for e-Commerce, and for TW then-COO Dick Parsons in his role as a member of the Internet Tax Commission.  Mr. Sackler was a member of the Federal Trade Commission's Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security.  He was also a private sector member of the U.S. Delegation at the World Intellectual Property Organization Diplomatic Conference which negotiated digital copyright treaties in December 1996, and on the steering committees of two major online policy summits.  He is on the Postmaster General's Mailers Technical Advisory Committee.

Since starting his firm, Mr. Sackler has worked on legislation to reform the Postal Service and preserve its solvency, developing an ethical approach to respond to illicit downloading, encouraging IP rights protection in nations such as Bulgaria and the Philippines, economic and security-related issues confronting the travel industry and more.  For TW, he worked on:  the Digital Millennium Copyright Act;  the Berne Convention Accession Act;  NAFTA;  the Telephone Consumer Protection Act;  the Video Privacy Protection Act;  DVD copyright protection;  FTC initiatives on privacy;  postal rates and services;  the Sports Illustrated Canada WTO confrontation;  sweepstakes legislation;  online indecency, child safety and privacy protection legislative efforts, and many others.

Before TW, he was General Counsel to the National Newspaper Association.  He also has been Executive Director of the Mailers Council, a postal coalition of FORTUNE 500 corporations and trade associations.  Mr. Sackler began his career with the U.S. Civil Service Commission in various legal positions.

He has a BA and JD from Syracuse University, and an LL.M. from Georgetown.

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