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Sackler Policy Services provides a comprehensive range of public policy advocacy services. Mr. Sackler has over 25 years of experience which includes:

* In-depth expertise in all aspects of government relations, from corporate and association perspectives, at the federal and state levels, with substantial experience in the international arena – including negotiating industry positions, coalition building, managing outside firms, testifying, working directly with principals and staff, and fundraising.

* Extensive background in working with CEOs and other corporate and association senior management to develop and achieve government relations objectives integral to the successful execution of strategic business plans.

* Substantial experience working with broadcast, print and online media

Following is a sampling of issues successfully addressed:


Copyright: Digital Millennium Copyright Act, DVD development and copy protection, Digital Performance Rights Act (for sound recordings) negotiating digital copyright treaties, Fair Use of Unpublished Works, Berne Convention Accession Act, repeal of Manufacturing Clause, fending off moral rights, compulsory license and other initiatives, ethics in downloading

Postal Affairs: Every postal rate and classification case since 1979, various postal reform bills, postal appropriations bills

Travel: Homeland Security, hotel occupancy taxes, global distribution systems educational campaign, adware, "Open Skies" negotiations

E-commerce: intellectual property protection, privacy protection and consumer confidence (i.e., security of transactions, protection against fraud, etc.), content and child safety, internet tax moratorium, tariff moratorium

Privacy: Electronic Communications Privacy Act, Video Privacy Protection Act ("Bork" bill), Telephone Consumer Protection Act, Motor Vehicle Identification Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, US - EU privacy safe harbor

First Amendment: Freedom of Information Act, Intelligence Agents Identities Act, Communications Decency Act, Children’s Online Protection Act, Official Secrets Act

Trade: NAFTA, Uruguay Round - negotiations and implementation of WTO act - China most favored nation, "special 301" legislation applicable to intellectual property, prompting involvement by USTR on behalf of TW businesses in, e.g., Poland, Indonesia, India, Taiwan and successful litigation at the WTO against Canada concerning Sports Illustrated

Marketing and Distribution: Sweepstakes Act, Use Tax, and various sales taxes

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