Sackler Policy Services, LLC

Association Management Services

Sackler Policy Services offers a full range of services to associations. With more than 25 years of experience, SPS can provide:


* Management support, including leadership of the association, organizing and running board and committee meetings, budget and bookkeeping, meetings support, updates to members, website organization and support, telephone and email services, and more.

* Articles of incorporation and bylaws compliance and revision, antitrust and other legal requirements support

* Recruitment and retention of members, dues support

SPS manages:


* Interactive Travel Services Association

* National Postal Policy Council

* Digital Honesty Campaign

* International Intellectual Property Institute

Mr.Sackler also has extensive previous association experience including:


* The Mailers Council - Managing

* The Newspaper Association - General Counsel

* Representation to:


~Motion Picture Association of America

~Recording Industry Association of America

~Magazine Publishers of America

~Association of American Publishers (book publishers)

~Direct Marketing Association

~U.S. Chamber of Commerce

~ECAT (Emergency Committee for American Trade)

~Intellectual Property Committee

~American Advertising Federation

~Center for Democracy and Technology

~Progress and Freedom Foundation

~Numerous Ad Hoc Committees on Various Subjects

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